Cinderblock planter

Cinder block planter is cool and with a few cinder block you can make up your own designs and unleash your creativity. Cinder block planter also looks great with succulent plants.

  1. First, figure out how you want to stack the cinder block, some design would required adhesive to glue a few Cinder Block together. It is a good idea to sketch out the design before start working on it.
  2. Then, get your Cinder block based on your design. It is easily available in most hardware shop and is cheap.
  3. Take care that cinder block is actually heavy especially when stacked all together. So plan ahead to reduce the need of moving them often.
  4. Get a work gloves to save your hand. You will need it after playing around with a few cinder blocks.
  5. Lay out the cinder block according to your planter design. This is just laying out, and not adding glue or filling with dirt as you would have to make sure it turns up right as you wanted it to be. Take a picture of your layout and this could help as a guide when you are building the planter.
  6. Take note there is actually a few types of cinder block around, so if you need it all to be the same, make sure you check it when buying it.
  7. Disassemble and start building the first row. Make sure the first row are being put nicely, check if it is level and make sure it provide a stable base.
  8. Fill up with potting soil once the cinder block are placed correctly. It will be difficult to move the cinder block when it is already fill up with soil.
  9. Add plants and watch it grow.