Guides on succulent garden outdoor planters

Succulents are popular indoor plants with juicy leaves, stems or roots, such as cacti which require low maintenance. Though with some nice succulent garden outdoor planters, it could also provide an eye-catching way to beautify your garden.

Below are some guides with using succulent garden outdoor planters.

  1. Succulents don’t like wet roots, make sure your planters have drainage hole to allow the water to drain through, wash out salts and exchange oxygen.
  2. Succulents need sunlight. With beautiful succulent garden outdoor planters, leave it outdoors with 4 to 6 hours of sun every day. Newly planted succulents might get scorched in direct sunlight, so you might need to take extra care, such as providing shade in the beginning.
  3. Put in the right soil into the succulent garden outdoor planters, choose a potting soil mix specifically for cactus or succulents. Alternatively, you can also mix potting soil with sand to make it porous as succulents do not like wet roots.
  4. One of the way to check when to water succulents is by checking its leaf. When the leaf is firm, then it does not need water, if it is a little squish, then the succulent needs more water. Like all plants, succulents still need watering. The key is to wait for the soil to become dry between watering so that the roots can breathe.
  5. Most succulent could not survive outdoor in winter. Even with succulent garden outdoor planters, you will need to move it indoor before frost. They look especially striking near a windowsill in winter.
  6. Add in a layer of gravel, beautiful pebble or some ornament on the top to provides a nice look.
  7. Cut or prune succulents every now and then especially when it became unruly or messy.
  8. Fertilize succulents so that it does not lose its beautiful luster and foliage colors. Generally, apply general purpose houseplant fertilizer monthly.
  9. Sometimes plant dies, even the tough looking succulent. When a plant starts looking dreadful, you might have to think about cutting out most of the part and hope it grows back, or you might have to start it all over again.