Lavender house plant

Lavender is a wonderful plant that is beautiful, with a crisp, clean aroma. It is usually planted outdoors but there are also ways to make lavender house plant in door.

Some guides for having lavender house plant as below:

  1. Light – Lavender needs a lot of light, so if you are moving lavender indoor, make sure there is enough light. A south facing window would be a good idea to start.


  2. Soil – Lavender requires quick draining soil. You can use regular potting soil but mix it sand which does not retain water. Add some alkaline to your soil by mixing crushed eggshells at the top of the soil once a month. You can also enrich the soil by adding small amount of agriculture lime juice in the soil to provide extra nutrients.
  3. Pot – Pot size is important, try not to use pot that is too big as it would contain much water. Try to use terra cotta pot which helps to take away the moisture from the soil and helps to dry up the soil faster.
  4. Water – Lavender need the soil to be well drained and do not like soggy and wet condition, so remember not to over water. It tends to have roots rot and die easily if the soil is too wet. Water directly to the soil instead of the foliage of the plant as this would encourage mold and pest infestations.
  5. Pruning – Trim the branches to allow growth of new sprout and encourage it to grow to certain bushiness. Though keep in mind that the flowers are produced at the tips of the branch and trimming it will reduce flowering.
  6. Benefits of Lavender – Lavender has many benefits, other than the pleasant aroma, it can be used as culinary herb and was told to have medicinal effects, especially in reducing stress and helps in sleep. It is also a great crafting material, smells great when make into candles or soap or as a decorative material when dried.