Rustic outdoor planters and barrell planter ideas

  1. Wood planters are quite popular, trendy and looks great. Wood generally works to be used as a planter. Some old wooden box can even create a rustic outdoor planters look. The only thing to take note of when using wooden stuff as planter is to ensure that it does not absorb water easily. There is chances that it will decay or even grow mold or fungus. Whiskey barrel planter or wine barrel planter is also a great ideas for planting succulent.
  2. If going with wood, get a planter that’s been sealed. Or you might have to seal it on your own. There is a few ways to do it, try to find wood sealer that do not contain hazardous chemical. Find out more in your local hardware shop for recommendation.
  3. Be careful with lead paint, some wooden painted box might look great, but its paint might contain lead, especially on old wooden box. This can be check with simple test kit, available in hardware shop. Lead is hazardous and although it does not causes much harm to the succulent which will not be eaten, it still pose as certain danger as children and adults might be expose to it. Lead could cause serious neurological damage.
  4. First, make sure there is drainage. You can make a few holes at the bottom of the barrels, cutting a few holes using a spade bit or any tools. Cover the holes with some mesh.
  5. Spray the bottom and inside of the barrel with apple cider vinegar, this can prevent the growth of fungus.
  6. Elevate the barrel off the ground so it can breathe on the bottom and properly drain and dry out.
  7. Additionally, you can also add casters to the barrel. This will ease your effort if you ever need to move the succulents to some where else.