Tips for growing jasmine indoors

Jasmine is a plant with wonderful aroma and very beautiful. It is usually planted outside but there are also ways on growing jasmine indoors. Though there are few tricks that you need to take into consideration.

  1. Choose the right Jasmine plant – Not all Jasmine plant can survive easily indoors. To be more successful in growing jasmine indoor, first you need to find the right type of Jasmine, such as:
    • Jasminum polyanthum, commonly known as Star, Chinese Jasmine has strong smell and is a vigorous climber
    • The Arabian Jasmine which has strong fragrant and often being used for making teas.
    • Poet’s Jasmine which has large quantity of flowers.
  2. Position and potting mixture – Jasmine can be grown either in normal pot or even with hanging basket which looks nice. It requires only normal soil or plant it in porous materials as well as peat, coir and bark that drains well.
  3. Sun light – Jasmine requires light regardless outdoor or you are growing jasmine indoor. It usually needs around 6 hours of light a day if possible. If you are growing jasmine indoors, try to ensure it can get some sunlight from the south window or expose to good amount of light indoor.
  4. Temperature – Keep them cool and don’t overheat. Jasmine like to be kept in a cool and well lit place. Some would keep Jasmine in bathroom as it provides an intoxicating scent, but beware of the heat in bathroom which might not be good for Jasmine.
  5. Water – Jasmine need plenty of water yet not too wet. The soil needs to be moist most time but not too soggy conditions. Try to water regularly but have chance to let it dry before the next watering.
  6. Humidity – Jasmine do not like it being too dry, so stay away from radiators, stoves or hot air vents, especially during the winter. Run a humidifier nearby if necessary.
  7. Don’t let it grow too big too fast – Repotting jasmine is necessary to gain size and maturity but don’t let it grow uncontrollably. Keep in mind that Jasmine is a climbing vine, so we should let it grow gradually at its own pace. Gives Jasmine a trim every now and to keep it in check.
  8. Fertilize Jasmine twice a year with high phosphorus fertilizer which helps to lengthen the blooming period.