Tips for planting Azaleas in Pot

Azaleas are types of flower that grows impressively in the outdoors. Though, it has also been increasingly popular to be grown in home, even planting Azaleas in pot within a small balcony. Other than its beautiful color and wonderful foliage, it is also a surprisingly low maintenance and easy to manage plant.

Here are some tips on growing Azaleas in pot.

  1. Choose the correct place to plant – Azaleas do not fare well with too much sunlight, especially the strong sun rays during afternoon. So, pick a place with some shades yet with enough morning sunlight to make them happy. One of the advantages of planting Azaleas in pot is that it is easy to move it around on different places until you found the best spot.
  2. Check the soil and roots condition – Azaleas prefer moist, well drained soil. It also prefers soil with a pH between 5.0 and 6.0. The Azalea Society of America recommends a mixture of half fine pine bark and another half of potting soil.
  3. Roots condition of Azaleas – Before planting the Azaleas in pot, check the roots condition of the Azaleas. Loosen up the root if there are fibrous roots wrapped around, make a few vertical cuts around the root ball and spread the roots outward gently before planting. Do not plant it too deep.
  4. Choose the correct pot – In order to plant Azaleas in a pot, you will need to choose the correct pot. Get a container that has drainage holes as Azaleas prefer moist and well drained soil. You can also choose to stand it on pot feet to have an even better drainage. Also, make sure the size of the pot is correct so there is ample space for the Azaleas in a pot to grow. Check half yearly, if the root ball has reached the size of the pot, then it is time to move to a bigger pot.
  5. Watering the Azaleas in a pot – Initially when it is first planted, water immediately then apply a layer of organic mulch on top of the soil to keep it slightly moist. You will need to check and water it whenever the soil or leave show it is dry. Bear in mind that Azaleas are prone to root rot, so do not water it too much. If possible, use rainwater which is much less alkaline than tap water.
  6. Fertilizing Azaleas in a pot – Azaleas do not need much fertilizer. If you still insist, then fertilize the Azaleas in pot once a month during the fall season with slow release fertilizer.