Winterizing Garden Ideas

It is important to know how to put the garden to rest throughout the winter. Below are some winterizing garden ideas that could help to set your garden ready when growing season begin anew.

  1. Work out next year plan ahead – Plan and sketch out what would you like to have in your garden next year. Knowing which plant to grow next will also lead you to the type of soil that you need to prepare in advance and the size of the area that need to be allocated.
  2. Start a compost bin – Autumn is a good time to start a compost bin if you have not yet do so. It will be ready to use when you need it most.
  3. Clean up the garden – Clear the dead plants and rake the leaves, put it into compost bin if you have one. Burn any plants that are diseased.
  4. Till and cultivate – Till the ground now and it will allow you to get into the garden much easier come next spring.
  5. Check the soil – Use a pH test kit to check the soil and adjust accordingly. You might need to add lime, compost or ground rock accordingly while the soil would have the whole winter to settle in.
  6. Taking care of perennials – Perennials will go into hibernation during winter, so just do some cutting and spread a thick layer of mulch to protect its roots.
  7. Bring in your tender plants – If you have tropical or semi tropical plants, then these need to be brought indoors during the winter. Provide as much light as possible while be careful not to over-water.
  8. Protect the young tress – Drive a few stakes into the ground to protect the young fruit and nut tree against the wind. Also protect the bark of young trees by wrapping tape and plastic spiral tree protectors.
  9. Service your tools and equipment – It is a good time to plan for repairs or replacement of gardening tools.
  10. Keep all your garden furniture – Store the garden furniture in garage, basement, etc or put on a protective cover if there is no space.